The easily accessible resources have been consumed. And the companies are using more and more harsh toxic methods to extract use resources. Hydraulic fracturing is 1 such toxic extraction method for the (supposedly) “clean” alternative to petrol of “natural” gas, in which undisclosed chemicals mixed with water and sand is injected into shale, where there are hard to get deposits of natural gas, thus loosening the natural gas deposits, then they drill… the water, sand, chemicals, and gas residue gets in the water causing cancer to people who drink that water. The pipelines and drilling fractures the earth so much it causes earthquakes!
We can’t continue to live at the expense of the necessities our lives are based on! We need to say no to the frackers of haliburtan and BP, this land at the very least is someones peoples home at the most is a living ecosystem thats we are continually consuming! Vermont has led by example by preemptively baning fracking,  California is in a similar process with legislation to ban fracking as well as a citizen’s petition. The complicated thing about california is, the sort of already frack! It’s just different enough that it’s not called “hydraulic fracturing” (maybe they just use chemicals not water? As if that. Makes it. Better, it still causes the. Same problems).  We need to change our lifestyles away from using electricity.

It’s a hard time to be sober
Now the hipsters have taken over
PBR flowing like water, is there an answer?
American Spirits are proceding
Tell me who and how is apathy breeding
Adbusters quit jamming our culture
The hipster culture
Has hijacked the concept of counter-culture
The revolutionary and radical are being commoditized, what a bummer
The world keeps getting cooler
Apathy is standard and fashion favored over revolution

Its ironic how a state prison could be sold to a private corporation who turns it into a hotel named liberty and makes a profit from “customers” sleeping. Liberty comes from  the latin word liber which means freedom. While prisons are the most visible and obvious manifestation of slavery, as “at dawn of industrialism, factories were modeled after prisons; in its twilight, prisons are now modeled after factories” (Os Cangaceiros).
Its a good analogy for our society where the neoliberal policies of laissez-faire capitalism in which the state steps back and corporations do the enslaving through the competition that defines capitalism which lowers prices, puts people out of “work” (jobs) through mechanization, raises the standard of living for the select few, creates “needs” (through ad’s primarily nowadays), Indebting people to corporations thus enslaving them. In such a way that people paying for a high end hotel named  “liberty,” in an ex-jail, with credit are in quite a confusing situation of slavery!

What will it take for people to learn? To not rely on electricity so much. “the odds are changing quote” …”you look out your window and see climate change in action” yet people aren’t changing their life styles! Someone said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Do we need to “rebuild” 100s of houses lose power due to wildfires in colorado and hurricanes and thunder storms accross the usa? Americans freak out electricity to charge their phones, computers, air conditioning, televisions and refrigerators and freezers when humans have lived for thousands of years (and many still do) without electricity. Yet in the united states the Dispossessed are reassured by the companys and relief organizations that everything will be brought back to normal.