Order: vs wilderness it’s all about aesthetics who’s a silly so this is settled into our is that you admit this destructive culture order, control, domination a culture domestication culture that lives of high Rockies pitcher key what your privacy a culture where she meant where colonialism is necessary of people as well as plants where we are ready kids arbitrarily in place of imported domesticated food permaculture in Essex Center then design approach to horticulture plant cultivation not destructive colonial feel cultivation can it work Kennett liberate us from the mindset of control and domination with its cooked food for us mimicking the edges of forest recreating the biodiversity of natural forest but with imported food re wild and domesticated which goes first a new generation of static paradigm when will beauty is chaotic wild or the linguistic concert where the linguistic concert of wild is not distinct or the culture that lives as if wild were not a word we’re not the negative side of a dichotomy that the dominant culture is doing everything it can to destroy?
a self perpetuating feedback loop how do you break the cycle?
is there hope?
(“The quintessential human delusion simultaneously the source of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness”)
a generational shift perhaps
of aesthetics