Its ironic how a state prison could be sold to a private corporation who turns it into a hotel named liberty and makes a profit from “customers” sleeping. Liberty comes from  the latin word liber which means freedom. While prisons are the most visible and obvious manifestation of slavery, as “at dawn of industrialism, factories were modeled after prisons; in its twilight, prisons are now modeled after factories” (Os Cangaceiros).
Its a good analogy for our society where the neoliberal policies of laissez-faire capitalism in which the state steps back and corporations do the enslaving through the competition that defines capitalism which lowers prices, puts people out of “work” (jobs) through mechanization, raises the standard of living for the select few, creates “needs” (through ad’s primarily nowadays), Indebting people to corporations thus enslaving them. In such a way that people paying for a high end hotel named  “liberty,” in an ex-jail, with credit are in quite a confusing situation of slavery!