A few days ago in Port Townsend I went to the local high school’s Students For Sustainability presentation on their reformist actions. They had a campaign for recycling and another campaign for reducing paper usage striving to get paper out of the classroom and be fully electronic. Both these campaigns from a sustainability standpoint are at least slightly missing the point if not totally counter productive. Recycling is fine, but reduce and reuse should come first. Also they didn’t have any composting on campus and no campaign to start that! On the paper campaign, paper is more “sustainable” than electronic technology. Paper could be made locally out of locally grown bamboo and/or hemp. While machines are not sustainable in any way, from toxic extraction of materials to toxic production in industrial factories in the global south with lower (if any) standards for the environment or rights of the laborers. Then the transportation of our stuff (including machines) uses fossil fuels as part of the culture destroying globalization nature of capitalism.
Today I went out to the clear cut in search of stinging nettles thinking they might be a pioneer plant and might be found there. All I found was carnage and destruction. A huge swath of stumps, right next to the trail that people hike and bike on. By far the most frustrating, saddening and hopeless place I have been in a while. One of the most frustrating aspects was that it was right next to the trail and happened anyway… Why didn’t people stop it? Stop whatever they were doing and stop the destruction of habitat, ecosystem, recreation. Maybe people accepted dejectedly that it was “a part of life,” “the economy”… Well economy and ecology and ecosystem all have the same prefix eco- which comes from ancient Greek oiko- meaning home or house. What justifies such constant rampant destruction? Industrial scale anything will always produce death in its wake. Weather its paper or machines on an industrial scale both are destructive!


Order: vs wilderness it’s all about aesthetics who’s a silly so this is settled into our is that you admit this destructive culture order, control, domination a culture domestication culture that lives of high Rockies pitcher key what your privacy a culture where she meant where colonialism is necessary of people as well as plants where we are ready kids arbitrarily in place of imported domesticated food permaculture in Essex Center then design approach to horticulture plant cultivation not destructive colonial feel cultivation can it work Kennett liberate us from the mindset of control and domination with its cooked food for us mimicking the edges of forest recreating the biodiversity of natural forest but with imported food re wild and domesticated which goes first a new generation of static paradigm when will beauty is chaotic wild or the linguistic concert where the linguistic concert of wild is not distinct or the culture that lives as if wild were not a word we’re not the negative side of a dichotomy that the dominant culture is doing everything it can to destroy?
a self perpetuating feedback loop how do you break the cycle?
is there hope?
(“The quintessential human delusion simultaneously the source of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness”)
a generational shift perhaps
of aesthetics

“…either way black with bandannas is” an alienating and easily identifiable costume. Do the ordinary people in the communities you are trying to organize (who are not in your subculture) wear the same “uniform” as you? It is also hypocritical because the clothes were acquired from multinational corporations and many of these people have anti-capitalist philosophies, hence putting fashion/lifestyle before politics. Do the political philosophers that you’re following wear black?  Do similar movements in other countries (Spanish civil war, zapatistas, Argentinian workers, etc) wear black? Black bloc is fine and cool and useful as a tactic at an action but “politics turn into subculture when tactics become lifestyle and lifestyle becomes politics. 


They talk about a debriefing after actions and how that is supposed to minimize the trauma and make re integration into “normal” life easier. But when all you’ve been around for awhile is actions, and people who are aware and I understand and feel the pain and anger and speak the same language. What does a supposed debrief of, what works and what doesn’t work about an action, prepare you for the culture shock of returning to “normal” life with its routines? Its jobs, its school the mundaneness of people spending all their time at work or school then whatever extra they can find playing music; some form of electronics shit punk rock. But what’s your job or schooling matter if the air you breathe is full of “undisclosed” chemicals? Or the water in your tap at the radioactive, or the rivers, and creeks run black?